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What is Kijicho?

Kijicho is not just a fun and interactive social network for public transport passengers. It is not just a platform for exchanging notes with other passengers...

It is an app that puts you in touch with the owners and managers of the vehicles on the roads. You can easily report errant road-behaviour or commend the crew to their employers

Kijicho also allows anyone to easily report dangerous, life-threatening road-behaviour with ease.

Yes... Kijicho is a social network that saves lives

Why Kijicho?

Kijicho was originally invented as a tool for crowd-sourcing authentic content about Kenya's public transport system - Matatu. This was in an effort to record and portray an African authentic experience

The invention was facilitated by British Council's Culture Shift II , held in Nairobi in Feb, 2013. Kijicho was not the only app that wowed :) the eminent judges.

In the process, the team , discovered that matatus and their users's lives are threatened by Kenya's high rate of road carnage. So we decided to inbuild a "reporting" channel for reaching the owners, as well as the authorities.